TalkBox is a solution provided by TelecomCare in order to provide your business with a low cost, high feature, telephone system.

The rise of open source software combined with low cost cloud hosting and high bandwidth internet circuits mean that you don’t need to pay a manufacturer thousands of pounds in licencing fees each year just to be allowed to continue to use the phone system you thought you owned.

TalkBox is a flexible solution. Running as a service in the cloud means that your handsets can connect from any location with broadband. You can even run your extension as an app on your mobile phone.

We supply handsets from Sangoma which you simply plug into your network. They set themselves up to work with your phone system.

The handsets are robust and designed to give you all the functionality you expect from a business phone system. Built in apps guide you through the phones functions on a colour display.

Need to know what your staff are doing? We supply full reporting solutions so you can see full stats regarding telephone use in your business.

Telestat by Lanonyx

You can run reports manually or have them emailed on schedule detailing each users phone usage that day or week. You can display wallboards to show you up to the minute statistics for your business.

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